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15 July 2015

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Hunan to Invest 3,100 Bln Yuan in Fixed-asset Investment Projects

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In 2017, Hunan will invest 3,100 billion yuan in key fields such as infrastructure construction, industrial development, ecological protection, and people’s livelihood, according to the Work Conference on Hunan Province's Development and Reform held on Feb. 7.  

About 772 km of highway will be added, making the mileage of arterial highways reach over 1,000 km. A total of 8,000 km of roads in rural areas will be repaired and modernized. The province will open two or three new intercontinental air routes, and accelerate the construction of feeder-line airports and key ports.  

The progress of major projects will be sped up, including energy input channel outside Hunan, upgrades of rural power grid and urban power grid, and gas-oriented energy system across Hunan. 

Initiatives will be made to push forward flood storage projects at the south of Dongting Lake, flood control projects above county level, key water source projects, projects in Mangshan Mountain and Huanggai Lake, sponge city construction, expansion of Centian River, and continued construction of supporting facilities for large scale and medium-sized irrigation system. 

The province will focus on the construction of model city cluster of next-generation internet in Changsha, Zhuzhou, and Xiangtan, implement “Broadband China” strategy, “Broadband Village” program, and improve network system in middle-sized and small cities.  

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