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15 July 2015

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Peking Opera Concert Held in Changsha to Commemorate Mei Lanfang

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A Peking opera performer performs a Mei School masterpiece Xi Shi. (Photo/Xu Xing) 
On August 24, the Peking Opera forum and a Peking opera concert were held in Changsha to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang’s performance in Japan and the 125th anniversary of his birth. Also being celebrated was the 85th anniversary of the birth of Mei Baojiu, a son of Mei Lanfang and also a prominent Peking opera artist.  
This event was hosted by the Art Development Center of the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall, Beijing Jingju (Peking Opera) Theatre, Mei Lanfang Art Foundation, and the China (Changsha) Malanshan Video and Cultural Creation Industrial Park. 
Peking opera master Mei Lanfang was the first artist to spread Peking opera to foreign countries. He performed in Japan thrice. During his first stage appearance in Japan in 1919, his brilliant performances, including Sylph Scattering Flowers (Tian Nv San Hua) and Drunken Concubine (Gui Fei Zui Jiu), which caused a sensation and greatly promoted Peking opera to the world. 
Mei Lanfang’s opera performance system, the Russian Stanislavsky System, and the German Brecht System, are world’s “Three Major Drama Performing Systems”. Mei Baojiu, a son of Mei Lanfang, and a famous Peking opera artist in his own right, has made remarkable contributions to the inheritance and promotion of Mei school. 
At the forum during the concert, Mei Lanfang’s descendants, inheritors of Mei School, and Peking opera experts discussed the inheritance and development of Mei School’s opera art in the new era. 
On that evening, the Peking opera concert was held at the Changsha Concert Hall. The brilliant performances of Peking opera masterpieces won thunderous applause from the audiences.
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