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15 July 2015

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Science Exhibition "Hawking and George's Universe" to Open July 20

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Children run through the “Time Tunnel”. (Photo/Yang Huafeng)
Two children stand in front of the image of black holes. (Photo/Yang Huafeng)
A copy of Stephen Hawking’s office in Cambridge, with desks, chairs, and science books suspended in the air. (Photo/Yang Huafen
Simulated solar system. (Photo/Yang Huafeng)
Simulated lunar surface. (Photo/Yang Huafeng)
The preparation for the interactive science exhibition "Hawking and George's Universe" was completed at the Changsha Museum on July 18. Some parents and children got an advance visit that day. This exhibition is adapted from George's Universe, the only work jointly created by British physicist Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy hawking. It aims to arouse teenagers’ interest in and love for basic science, and cultivate their scientific spirit.
The exhibition will open to the public at the Changsha Museum from July 20 to September 20.
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