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15 July 2015

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In Pics: Opening Scene of the 6th “Yangtze River-the Volga” Youth Forum

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The 12-day “Yangtze River-the Volga” Youth Forum kicks off in Changsha on July 16. 


Enthusiastic Russian representatives at the opening ceremony 


Chinese and Russian representatives show the forum slogan.

Russian representatives with Chinese and Russian national flags in hand. 

All the audiences chorus “Moscow Nights”. 


Splendid performance 

Young singer Zhang Yixing sings the theme song of the forum “Best Youth”. 

A creative dance presents traditional Chinese culture. 


Chinese and Russian students perform “River Memory”, to present China-Russia friendship, and culture of the Xiangjiang and Volga river basins. 

Vibrant Chinese representatives 

Enthusiastic Russian representatives

Russian representatives show their flag. 


Some Russian representatives take a group photo after the opening ceremony. 


Chinese representatives take a cheerful photo.
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