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15 July 2015

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Overseas Chinese Teenagers Experience Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hengyang

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Over 120 overseas Chinese youths from more than 20 countries, such as Argentina and Ireland, visited the Hengyang Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Center in Nanyue District, Hengyang, on July 14. They watched martial art, face changing, dragon dances, and shadow puppet shows, and interacted with the performers, to taste the distinctive charm of Chinese intangible culture heritage items.  
Yu from Ireland was attracted by Datong, an Erhu-shaped string instrument for Flower-drum opera. Being approved, he tried his hands on playing a western song. Tan, an old shadow puppet artist, together with Yu, gave a Datong performance of Chinese folk song “Liuyang River”, which was applauded by the audiences. 
The activity is part of Hunan’s 2019 “Root-seeking Tour” Summer Camp. It was hosted by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese; organized by the Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and supported by the Federations of Returned Overseas Chinese of Hengyang City and Nanyue District. It aims to give the young-generation overseas Chinese a better understanding of China, and Chinese nationality, and promote Hunan culture and Hengyang’s folk customs. 
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