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15 July 2015

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Beijing Expo 2019 “Hunan Day” Kicks off

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The Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 (Beijing Expo 2019) ushered in “Hunan Day” event from July 7. Lu Pengqi, vice chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT); Li Chunliang, deputy director of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration; Chen Wenhao, Hunan vice governor; and, a number of foreign ambassadors to China, were present at the opening ceremony. Deputy Secretary General of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government Li Xianxing presided over the ceremony. 
The Beijing Expo 2019 opened on April 28. The “Hunan Day‘’ event is hosted by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government. The three-day event’s theme is “Enjoying in Hunan; Gathering in Beijing”. 
The Hunan Pavilion was designed and constructed by the Hunan Prospection, Designing and Research General Institute for Agriculture, Forestry, and Industry . Crowds of visitors were attracted by the pavilion. Themed on “Encountering Hunan – Taohuayuan”, the pavilion presents plants and gardens with Hunan characteristics. There are several key spots, including Wuling Mountain stones, spring scenes in Dongting Lake, Chinese wisteria arbor, colorful pepper plantations, and idyllic farmhouse. They present Hunan’s picturesque landscapes, and achievements in building a rich, beautiful, happy, and ecologically civilized Hunan.  
Vice Governor Chen invited visitors, on behalf of all the Hunan people, to Hunan Pavilion, and Hunan, to appreciate Hunan’s picturesque scenery, and profound culture and folk customs. 
During the “Hunan Day”, Hunan’s agricultural, forestry, culture and tourism, and commercial departments, as well as 11 cities and prefecture, will held promotion activities. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Pang Yuehui
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