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15 July 2015

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Hunan Cultural Exhibition Launched

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A Hunan intangible cultural heritage exhibition opens at the Hunan Cultural Center on January 5, 2019.
A Hunan intangible cultural heritage exhibition was inaugurated at the Hunan Cultural Center on January 5, 2019. It was hosted by the Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center. Pupils from the Experimental Primary School and Xinlu Primary School in Tianxin District, Changsha, tried their hands at Hunan embroidery under the instruction of Hunan embroidery expert Wu Ning. 

Pupils try their hands at embroidering “golden pig” photo frames. 

Visitors feast their eyes at the Hunan embroidery Qipao show, and Qingzhuhu Hunan embroidery exhibition.  
Visitors can appreciate, learn, and use Hunan embroidery at the exhibition, so as to better understand traditional embroidery culture. Participating pupils were guided to make embroidered “golden pig” photo frames. Detailed embroidery, such as Qipaos, bookmarks, scarfs, circular fans, pouches, and bags, were shown at the exhibition. 

Visitors are attracted by the embroidered bookmarks, scarfs, circular fans, and bags. 
Ye Weiping, director of the Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, related that the center launched the Hunan intangible cultural heritage series exhibitions, since the Tongguan Kiln pottery firing exhibition on last Mid-Autumn Festival. Later, regular exhibitions will be arranged, on brocade, opera, and carving themes, to enable visitors to try their hands at bamboo weaving, tie-dyeing, paper cutting, fruit pit carving, and performing opera. Some activities will be organized for college students. These aim to promote Hunan’s traditional culture to the public, to provide opportunities to directly touch intangible cultural heritage, so as to call for public awareness of protecting and passing on cultural heritage. 
All these exhibitions and experiencing activities are free of charge. Visitors can get updated activity information via the WeChat official accounts of Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage (湖南非遗), and Hunan Cultural Center (湖南省文化馆). 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Pang Yuehui
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