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15 July 2015

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Top 30 Announced in 17th Chinese Bridge Competition

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On the afternoon of July 10, 2018, the semi-final of the 17th Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students kicked off in Changsha. One hundred and fifty-two contestants from 118 countries gathered in a studio to compete for top 30. 
Compared with previous contests, this year’s contest is more competitive. The contestants were grouped by continents and a certain proportion of entrants in each group will be selected to the next round. The semi-final evaluated contestants’ knowledge in such fields as Chinese history, geography, and culture. 
After a fierce competition, 30 members from Asian Group, Oceanian Group, European Group, American Group, and African Group outperformed others and won the chance to compete for the champion. The name list of top 30 was as follows:
European Group: Jiang Mingsi (UK), Anna (UK), Lu Silan (Russia), Ling Long (Ukraine), Yan Chengxin (Germany), An Dongli (France) , Qi Shanxin (Italy)
American Group: Ke Luhan (the USA), An Haoyu (Peru), Pan Minghua (the USA), Jin Keli (Cuba), Zhang Hanna (Canada), Paul (Costa Rica)
African Group: Deng Ken (Ghana), Mai Lena (Egypt), Kevin (Cameroon), Ding Jiaming (Nigeria), Han Linda (Tunisia) , Qi Ji (Mozambique)
Oceanian Group: Si Teng (Australia), Lin Hao (Australia), An Ran (New Zealand), Dong Na (New Zealand)
Asian Group: Tao Xinfu (Myanmar), Guan Huimin (Indonesia), Lin Dingxun (Singapore), Gu Yige (Mongolia), Deng Ya (Thailand), Zhao Rui (Uzbekistan), Kang Mingxing (Cambodia).
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