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15 July 2015

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Duanwu Festival Celebrations in Zhuzhou

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A series of activities will be held at Zhuzhou Youyi Ecological Scenic Spot between June 16 and 18 to celebrate Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival). Citizens may participate in dragon boat races and many other interesting events.   
Whether you can swim or not; whether it is the first time for you to participate in a dragon boat race, professional instructors will teach boating skills on site for you. In addition to dragon boat racing, you can pick fruit, have a barbecue, ride a horse, and experience rock climbing!
Activities to Be Held on Dragon Boat Festival
Date: June 18 
Venue: Youyi Ecological Scenic Spot, Zhuzhou
Schedule (for reference):
1. 9:00-9:30    to watch dragon boat races
2. 9:30-12:00   to experience dragon boat race
3. 12:00-14:00  to have lunch and take a rest
4. 14:00-14:30  to learn knowledge about dragon boat race
5. After 4:30    to visit Youyi Ecological Scenic Spot
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