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15 July 2015

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Hunan to Build 41 “Lotus Schools” for 40 Poverty-stricken Counties

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The Hunan Information Office released on May 23 that Hunan province will support the building of one to two primary and elementary schools for 40 poverty-stricken counties. These schools are called “Lotus School”, which will convey Hunan’s education features and local characteristics.

The total planned investments on the project reach 5.58 billion CNY, and the estimated areas for new teaching and dormitory buildings will amount to 1.293 million sqm. A total of 87,991 academic degrees will be offered for these primary and elementary students.

It is said that all the schools will be built in the areas that enjoy convenient transportation. Teaching, Living, and Sports areas will be located in different places. During holidays and after-school hours, all the sports facilities will open to the local residential communities.

Parking lots will be built at the both sides of major entrance of the Lotus School. A proportion of 20% charging equipment will be installed; and the emergency and protection function improved.

The design of the building will adopt a modern style on the whole. Such traditional elements of asymmetrical sloping roof, traditional Chinese garden, and the hibiscus logo will be considered. Advanced concepts like assembly building, green building, and renewable energy will be kept in mind; such traditional backward technologies as site pouring and the use of natural stone will be abolished; and the cost will be saved from the very beginning when making a design: the unnecessary, inapplicable, and uneconomical design contents about the school will not be considered.

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