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15 July 2015

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“CCTV One Town One Brand” Hunan Project Launched

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On May 15, the “CCTV One Town One Brand” Hunan project resource promotion conference was held in Changsha. The Hunan regional development project was initiated on site.

The “CCTV One Town One Brand” is an Internet media platform of CCTV that promotes the culture of featured small town and cultivates the regional industrial ingenious brands. Based on resource superiority, it is committed to fostering high-quality enterprises that can represent the region and industry, and thus carrying forward industry-city integration and development. The core value of the project aims to tap the regional distinctive culture, cultivate industrial leading brands, and promote the spirit of craftsmanship.

“One town” refers to a place, an area, and a local representative culture. “One brand” is one or more excellent companies with the craftsmanship spirit to create a good brand.

The person in charge of the “CCTV One Town One Brand” project said that Hunan enterprises are not inferior to others in the country. They hope to choose good Hunan companies and truly help them go nationwide and global.

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Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

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