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15 July 2015

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Chinese and Foreign Visual Arts (Hunan) Exhibition Held in Changsha

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On December 26, the opening ceremony of the Chinese and Foreign Visual Arts (Hunan) Exhibition was held in the arts hall of Meixi Academy. Sponsored by Better Life, it will last till Jan. 26. Twenty one artists from more than ten countries including China, the USA, France, Italy, Australia, Ecuador, Iceland, and Ireland offered to the audiences a fantastic visual arts feast. Chinese artists are Cang Xin, Li Guangbo, Li Wei, Shen Jingdong, Tie Xin, Wang Guofeng, Wu Di, Xiao Ye, Zhang Zhan, and Zhu Zhigang. Foreign artists are Denise Keele-Bedford (Australia), Girar Bourriau (France), Carlo Bernardini (Italy), Claudio Pieroni (Italy), Leonida De Filippi (Italy), Leonardo Cevallos (Ecuador), Monica (USA), Rui Lian (Ireland), Sigurdur Gudmundsson (Iceland), and Stevens Vaughn(USA).

Before the opening ceremony, the artists of the exhibition attended an academic forum themed “the Visual Arts in China”. After the ceremony, an exciting fashion show and a Cheongsam show were made. When an international fashion show meets with a visual arts exhibition, the flowing beauty of the fashion show makes the arts effect and power of the visual arts more vividly. And the classic music and gentle style of the Cheongsam show enchanted the audiences.

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