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15 July 2015

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Overseas Chinese Youths in Search of Roots in Hunan

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A delegation of 56 overseas Chinese youths from the USA, Germany, France, and Spain, gather together in China for a "seeking root" journey between August 14 and August 22.

During their stay in Hunan, they learnt about traditional Chinese culture through folk music, opera, paper-cutting, painting, martial art, and calligraphy. They communicated with Chinese students, and toured around natural landscapes and cultural landmarks in Hunan.

"It is meaningful to the overseas Chinese youths to join in this journey," said Gong Yizhou, the delegation leader. "Most members are the third or fourth generation of overseas Chinese. They take this opportunity to understand their motherland, and arouse their interests in Chinese language and culture learning."

Hunan, a major overseas Chinese origin in central China, has more than 500,000 overseas Hunaneses, and 600,000 returned overseas Chinese and their relatives. In recent years, many countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the USA, the UK, Germany, and Philippines, organized overseas Chinese youth "seeking root" summer and winter camps to Hunan.

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