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15 July 2015

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Semi-finals for 16th "Chinese Bridge" Competition Kicks off

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The opening show


The competition scene


A group photo of the European Group winners


The European Group winners


The semi-finals for the 16th "Chinese Bridge" Foreign College Student Chinese Proficiency Competition kicked off on July 18. Thirty contestants will be selected from Asian, Oceanian, European, American, and African groups together to compete in the finals. The first round of the semi-finals started from European Group.


The word describing and guessing game is adopted at the semi-finals this year. Each team of two players (one contestant and his/her partner—an alternative college student) gets 120 seconds to guess as many words as possible, with one player giving clues to his/her teammates in turns. The player may use words, sound effects, and charades as he/she gives the clues in Chinese, but neither character of the chosen phrase nor other language is allowed. When time’s up, the contestant needs to move to the right seat to cooperate with another college student. The game is over when he/she teams with all the college students.

Finally, seven contestants advanced to the finals.

They are:
EKATERINA (Chinese name: Su Xiaoxiao) from Russia,
AIMAN YASLAM ALI (Chinese name: Ai Men) from France,
PAVEL (Chinese name: Lin Feng) from Russia,
BERNHARD (Chinese name: He Bende) from Germany,
DARIA (Chinese name: Li Mingran) from Ukraine,
DAVID PATRICK (Chinese name: Ji Weiren) from the UK, and,
GABRIEL(Chinese name: Ge Jinying) from the UK.

Later on, they will pay a study visit to Zhangjiajie.


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