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15 July 2015

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Hunan to Invest 1.5 Bln Yuan in Developing First-class Universities and Academic Programs

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The Education Department of Hunan Province recently announced the departmental budget in 2017. The expenditure budget at the beginning of the year is up to 13.84 billion yuan, of which about 1.5 billion yuan will go to support Hunan's "double first-class university" construction.

The term "double first-class university" refers to the terms of "world-class university" and "first-class discipline", which were approved by China's national deepening reform lead group in 2016 as a new impetus for the development of China's higher education sector.

Xiao Guo'an, director of the Education Department of Hunan Province, said that priority would be given to developing first-class disciplines of the world in the near future. The province's "double first-class university" will be assessed according to their performance in every five years, instead of focusing on evaluating students by their final exam scores.

Hunan will try to make three Hunan universities be included in the national candidate list of world first-class universities or world featured universities in 2020, and five ones that of national first-class universities or national featured universities.

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