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15 July 2015

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Governor Xu Attends CIIE Opening Ceremony

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Xu Dazhe, CPC Hunan Provincial Committee deputy secretary and Hunan governor, attended the opening ceremony of the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai on November 5, 2019. He also toured the Hunan pavilion of intangible cultural heritage. He stressed in-depth study and implementation of President Xi Jinping’s important statements concerning opening up. “Bring in” and “go global” should be closely combined based on a good utilization of the important platforms, such as CIIE and the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo which would be permanently held in Hunan, to lay a solid foundation for Hunan’s high quality development. 
Vice governor He Baoxiang also attended the opening ceremony and the tour. 
At the Hunan Pavilion, Xu viewed the nearly 60 exquisite Liling porcelains, and appreciated Chinese porcelain artist Huang Xiaoling’s consummate skills on the under-glaze colorful porcelain. “The under-glaze colorful porcelain presents the charm of intangible culture heritages”, he said. “We should make more efforts to showcase unique Huxiang culture to the world, and constantly promote external communication and collaboration”, he added. 
“President Xi’s keynote speech delivered at the CIIE opening ceremony fully demonstrated that China as a major country lives up to its responsibility for economic globalization; and pointed out the direction for continuously promoting high-level opening up ”, Xu said. Hunan is taking full advantage of its favorable location on the transitional “belt” connecting the eastern coastal area with the central and western areas, and in the junction “zone” between the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Coastal Economic Belt; playing an active role in implementing the national “Belt and Road” Initiative; and, carrying out the innovation-oriented opening and development strategy, to build itself as a pacesetter for opening up in China’s inland areas. Hunan should, in line with President Xi’s important statements on opening up, continue to expand high-level opening up, and promote more Hunan enterprises and Hunan-made products to the global market. Beyond that, Hunan will make rational use of both domestic and international markets and resources to attract talents, capital, and technologies, so as to add strong drivers to Hunan’s leading development in the rise of central China. 
CIIE was scheduled to be held in Shanghai between November 5 and 10. More than 3,000 enterprises participate. Compared to the first session, this year sees a larger scale and higher quality, and has more activities. Hunan delegation is composed of 3,178 persons from 1,379 enterprises. Hunan will hold three themed events during the expo, including a marketing purchase and trade promotion, and also Hunan-Australia import and export promotion; a Hunan-Africa economic and trade cooperation promotion; and, a medical care and service trade promotion symposium. 
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