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15 July 2015

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Hunan Retail, Catering Sales Boom During National Day Holiday

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The Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce (HPDC) monitored 587 provincial retail and catering enterprises during the 7-day National Day holiday “Golden Week”. Sales during the period increased by about 10% over last year.
The HPDC said that during this “Golden Week”, provincial consumer goods markets have a wide variety of goods, sufficient supply, and stable prices, presenting a festive atmosphere and a good market order.
The nice weather brought a rich festive atmosphere to Changsha’s major business districts. Most monitored enterprises’ sales increased:
- BBG Meixi Xintiandi Shopping Mall sales grew by 70% year on year, and the number of visitors was up 20%;
- Shaoyang City monitored supermarket sales reached 36.2 million CNY, a 10.2% increase. Consumables such as tobacco, alcohol, food, local specialties, and fruits were particularly popular. Sales were two to three times higher than usual;
- BBG (Pedestrian Street Xintiandi) sales in Yueyang City were expected to increase 15.1%; and,
- Changde City’s 11 key supermarkets sales totaled 100.6 million CNY, which was 10.7% higher than last year.
The consumption kept upgrading. “Green” consumption has been popularized. Low-carbon, environmentally-friendly, and energy-saving products are now favored. Smart products sales such as new energy vehicles, drones, balance cars, and Haier smart homes are booming. Mobile payments have developed rapidly. Alipay, WeChat pay, Bestpay, and other cashless payment methods are convenient and rewarding. Hunanese are enthusiastic about cultural and leisure products, thanks to the long holidays.
Holidays are good times for weddings, family-reunions, and friends-meeting banquets. The provincial catering industry was booming. Wedding banquets are a highlight in the Golden Week catering market. Among the 13 monitored key catering enterprises in Xiangtan City, wedding banquets accounted for 70% of the total catering revenue. Local specialty brands were best sellers. Receptions at major star-rated restaurants in scenic spots increased significantly. Yueyang City’s well-known restaurants were packed, and the night market was thriving. “Internet hit” catering stores were packed with foodies.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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