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15 July 2015

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18th Chinese Bridge Competition Top 15 Selected

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The fourth round of the 18th Chinese Bridge Competition Finals concluded in Changsha on August 6. Top 15 were selected from the top 30 contestants from the five continents after the intense competition.
This year's "Chinese Bridge" adopted Sudoku style to answer questions, and Vlog short videos to put forward questions. There are eight rounds of competition for the finals. Li Rui and Jin Mengjia from Hunan TV were the hosts. And Zhao Dongmei, professor of Peking University, was invited to be the examiner and judge of the finals.
This final was divided into three parts: Listening Test, Sudoku of Chinese characters, and A Tour in China Guided by David. The top 30 contestants need to answer 15 questions and had discussions about them.
David, champion of the Chinese Bridge Competition held in 2014, invited all the contestants to “visit”Yuncheng city, Shanxi. Through a video clip about a colorful salt pond there by Lv Fengxiao, a famous Chinese photographer, they learned about the beauty of summer. Some of the contestants had great performance in geography knowledge tests.
Finally, top 15 contestants were selected according to their performance of the first three rounds and the result of written test.
The name list of top 15 is as follows:
Oceania Group: Baiyang (Australia), Xiao Ma (Australia), and Pan Taile (Australia)  
European Group: Jiasong (UK), Maria (Russia), and An Zishi (Moldova)
American Group: Luo Mingyan (United States), Li Meng (Brazil), and Bei Ancheng (Canada) 
African Group: Shiyu (Egypt), Chen Anyi (Morocco), and Lin Xia (Madagascar)
Asian Group: Jiang Tiangai (Myanmar), Yang Jinyu (Thailand), and Jin Leisheng (DPRK)
The winners will then pay a culture visit to Qufu(Shandong province), Tangshan(Hebei province) and Shanghai. The 15 contestants who did not advance to the next stage were awarded the third prize of the 18th Chinese Bridge Competition Finals.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Wu Suyun
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