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15 July 2015

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Experts Visit Linxiang for “Sino-Russian Tea Road” Application for World Heritage Status

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A six-person delegation visited Linxiang City on May 11, to observe and advise on its application of the “Tea Road” for the world heritage status. The delegates included Novosibirsk State University World History Department director who is also a counselor of the Sino-Russian Tea Road program, and Liu Zaiqi, director of the Wuhan University Russia and Ukraine Research Center, and a camera crew of micro film “Shanxi Merchant and Tea Road”. 
The Chinese and Russian experts visited some heritage spots, such as Tongdeyuan Tea House, Fang Xingfa’s Former Residence, Linxiang Tower, and Yongju Tea Industry Co., Ltd. They spoke highly of Linxiang’s efforts in the application preparations, and gave suggestions on thoroughly exploring the connections between the heritage spots and the “Tea Road” based on related documents and corresponding objects. 
Linxiang was listed as an important site on the “Tea Road” Hunan section in July 2016, with Linxiang Tower, and Nieshi Ancient Town nominated as heritage spots. In February 2019, the National Cultural Heritage Administration listed “Tea Road” as a Chinese candidate for the world cultural heritage status.