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15 July 2015

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Youth Tree Planting Activity Launched on Mount Hengshan

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The 2019 Hunan Youth Tree Planting Activity was launched in Nanyue District, Hengyang, on March 12, the annual National Tree Planting Day. 
A plate with the planter’s wishes 
This activity was a part of Nanyue District’s 3rd “I have a tree on Mount Hengshan” event. Youths and people willing to participate were invited to plant trees in a “forest of youth”. 
A young pioneer waters her tree. 
More than 400 young volunteers, young pioneers, and representatives from enterprises and all walks of life participated in the activity. 
Participants plant trees. 
Mount Hengshan is a Chinese 5A-level scenic area, a national natural reserve, and a national key ecological function zone. It has gorgeous landscapes, virgin forest, and abundant ancient and rare trees. It is hailed as the most beautiful among the Chinese Five Great Mountains, and famous for its “Shou (寿, means longevity)” culture. In order to promote green development, Nanyue District balances ecological protection and tourism development. In 2017, an annual ecological event “I have a tree on Mount Hengshan” was initiated, to call for public efforts to build a more beautiful Mount Hengshan. More than ten thousand people participated, and contributed to a sound and sustainable tourism development. 
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