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15 July 2015

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Hunan E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Booming

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Hunan province has carried out a special e-commerce poverty alleviation action since last year, with a planned investment of 49 million CNY. It is focused on breaking the bottlenecks in agricultural product promotion on internet; strived to develop “One Brand Product in One County” for online sales; strengthened cooperation with e-commerce platforms; and, set up special zones for E-commerce poverty alleviation specialties. These have greatly promoted product sales in the poverty-stricken areas.


The e-marketing initiative “One Brand Product in One County” has been launched. Last year, the 2018 Hunan (Jingzhou) Waxberry Festival, Longshan Specialties Promotion in Changsha, and other activities were held. The e-marketing brands, such as Yanling yellow peach, kept expanding market. Meanwhile, relying on the “China E-Commerce Poverty Alleviation Alliance”, the e-commerce poverty alleviation brands were promoted. Twenty-two Hunan products, such as “Hongshan” ponkan, and “Jinni” giant salamander, were included in the first batch of China’s excellent special agricultural products and major supported agricultural specialties.


Cooperation with major e-commerce platforms have been enhanced. Hunan has collaborated with such e-commerce platforms as Alibaba Agricultural Poverty Alleviation Project, JD Poverty Alleviation Mall, and Suning Specialized Chinese Pavilion. Hunan special agricultural product e-marketing have been enhanced thanks to the major e-commerce platforms’ advantages in logistics system and operation mode.


“E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Specialties Zones” have been built up in the supermarket enterprises, such as Joindoor, Friendship&Apollo, and Hunan Suning; the Central (International) Agricultural Creative Park; the Dahexi Agricultural Products Logistics Center; the Changsha Airport; and, the Changsha High-speed Railway Station. At the food and agricultural fairs, “green channel” is open for high-quality special agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas.


The “Hunan E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Shop” Platform has been created, based on the data-sharing trading platform of multiple WeChat public accounts. This was to accurately connect with the poor villages and households, and explore solutions to difficult sales of scattered and self-produced agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas. After half a year, its cumulative trading volume reached over 60 million CNY. More than 40,000 shops have been opened online, providing 40,000-odd products, and making a progressive increase of 2 million CNY in daily transaction volume. It has become an effective way for Hunan poverty-stricken areas to sell their agricultural products.

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

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