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15 July 2015

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Four Changsha-made Micro-satellites to Be Launched in Late October

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On October 11, the researchers of the Tianyi Research Institute at Changsha High-tech Zone will go to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center with four micro-satellites. The four satellites weigh ten kilograms each and already meet launch conditions. They will be launched by the end of October.


Among them, three of which are scientific experimental satellites. They will conduct several scientific experiments, including the first verification of the Tiange Plan, the verification of new remote sensing technology and new technologies for laser communication. The other one is the first verification satellite at "0805 Platform", the new platform was independently developed by Tianyi Research Institute. One of the satellites was named after the Changsha High-tech Zone to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its founding.


There will be 8 “Changsha Made” micro-satellites in space after the successful launch. They will carry out new technology experiments such as remote sensing imaging and laser communication. It reflects Changsha's leading role in commercial micro-satellites launch and will further enhance the agglomeration capabilities of its aerospace materials industry.