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15 July 2015

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Yueyang to Hold Entrepreneur’s Conference in Mid-July

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Yueyang City is to hold a conference for entrepreneurs around the middle of this year. It aims to promote activities for the Year of Industrial Projects Construction, create a good business environment for service enterprises, and revitalize the real economy.

In recent years, Yueyang city government has released “Ten Measures for Industrial Parks”, “Ten Measures for Opening up”, “Ten Measures for Non-public Sector”, “Ten Measures for Finance”, and several opinions on speeding up real economy development. These efforts help create a good environment for entrepreneurship and promote the blooming development of real economy.

The conference will introduce several opinions on building a close and clean political-business relationship in Yueyang. Participating entrepreneurs’ suggestions on improving business environment to accelerate high-quality development will be considered and taken. The mainstream media at the city level will give a special report on outstanding entrepreneur representatives.