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15 July 2015

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JD Driverless Car Headquarter Project Settled in Changsha

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The JD driverless car headquarter project worth 2 billion CNY was settled at the Changsha National Economic and Technological Development Zone on June 11. Xiao Jun, vice president, said that the project will focus on research and development of logistics robots, drones, and unmanned vehicles.

The project is expected to be implemented in two steps:

In the first phase, the "JD Military-Civilian Integration) Research Institute (Changsha)" and the "JD Driverless Car Development Center (Changsha)" will be established to develop and test intelligent unmanned vehicles, train staff, and manage data; and,

In the second phase, a smart manufacturing industry base will be built to produce smart robots, intelligent equipment, and smart delivery vehicles; and, introduce related industries in these fields.

In the next five years, the project will attract no less than 1,000 people with bachelor's degree or above and more than 10 expert teams.

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