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15 July 2015

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Chinese and Italian Artists Make a “Fenghuang Declaration”

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The China-Italy Fine Arts Academy Presidents Forum kicks off in Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town. (Photo/Yang Huafeng)


Artist representatives of both sides sign the “Fenghuang Declaration”. (Photo/Yang Huafeng)


On April 11, artists from the China National Academy of Painting, the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome jointly issued the “Fenghuang Declaration” at the China-Italy Fine Arts Academy Presidents Forum held in Fenghuang Ancient Town, Hunan.

The declaration pointed out that it will focus on creating such brands as the “Fenghuang Annual Art Exhibition”, the “Fenghuang Art Award”, the “World Art Exhibitions” and the “Contemporary Invitational Art Academic Exhibition”, to build Fenghuang into a world new cultural tourism highland and a border town with profound aesthetics education.

According to the declaration, it will rely on Fenghuang’s cultural and tourism advantages to build a new type of business integrating art festival and cultural tourism, art finance and cultural industry investment, and cultural and creative product consumption and art derivatives trading. Meanwhile, the classical and contemporary art, and the oriental and western art will be combined to demonstrate the cultural confidence of contemporary China.

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