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15 July 2015

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Hunan-HK-Macau-Taiwan Youth Spring Festival Gala Recorded

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The 2018 Hunan-Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan Youth Spring Festival Gala recording scene


The 2018 Hunan-Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan Youth Spring Festival Gala was recorded at the Hunan TV studio in Changsha on January 6, 2018.

It is co-anchored by hosts from Hunan, HK, Macau, and Taiwan. It integrated the regional characteristics of the four places with Chinese culture. It also introduced the “youth’s dream” and “Chinese dream” of the young people of the four places in implementing the national “Belt and Road” Initiative.

The Dragon Dance Troupe from Hunan Normal University staged the opening show of the Gala. The classical Flower Drum Opera “Liu Hai Cuts Firewood” showcased distinctive Hunan charm. Macau dancers’ integration of street dance and Peking Opera amazed the audiences. HK performers’ ballet brought an artistic and romantic atmosphere. The Gala reached a climax when the young performers from Hunan, HK, and Macau recited together the essay “Young Chinese”.

The Gala was hosted by the Hunan-Hong Kong-Macau Economic and Cultural Exchange Center, and organized by the Hunan International TV Channel, Hunan-Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion Association, Macao Youth Association of Patriotic Education, and Cross-Strait Cultural and Economic Exchange Association.

It will be broadcast on Hunan International TV Channel and Mango TV during the 2018 Spring Festival holiday.

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Translator: Pang Yuehui

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