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15 July 2015

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China E-mobile Rally Championship – Dongting Lake to Kick off

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The 2017 China E-mobile Rally Championship–Dongting Lake will be held between Oct. 10 and 16.

Since 2016, Hunan has planned to organize the international e-mobile rally championship in the Dongting Lake Economic and Ecological Area (including Changsha, Yueyang, Changde, Yiyang, and Nanxian) for five consecutive years. The rally upgrades into "national level" this year. Between Sept. 15 and 17, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Racing will be held firstly.

The participants will set out from Changsha on Oct. 11; drive through Yiyang, Changde, and Nanxian; and finish the whole 560-km course in Yueyang on Oct. 15. The cars are pure electric or hybrid powered.

The rally, in its second session, has become China’s most complete and influential e-mobile rally with most participants. As of now, there have been more than 100 applicants from six countries, including Hunanese Olympic champions Wang Mingjuan and Le Maosheng, and world famous racing drivers. Nearly 100 new energy car brands will participate, including BYD, ZOTYE, BAIC, and Tesla.

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