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15 July 2015

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Hunan Provincial Government Promotes Modernization in Production

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This August 7, Hunan Governor Xu Dazhe presided over a provincial executive meeting devoted to: eliminating outdated production methods in the coal, fireworks, and hazardous chemical industries; promoting entrepreneurship and sound investment policies; and deliberating "Measures to Prevent Illegal Operations and Investment Losses and Liabilities in State-owned Enterprises in Hunan".

The Fourth State Council inspection results were announced. Reports on progress in improving coal, fireworks, and hazardous chemicals industries production were also reported. Government departments at all levels across the province were instructed to implement Premier Li Keqiang’s instructions in this regard, improve efforts to perform duties, increase penalties for violations, and strengthen government supervision with the goal of ending outdated, unsafe, and inefficient industry practices. Deliberate violations and poor supervision are to be penalized in order to assure compliance with the new standards. The pertinent government departments were directed to comprehensively use of all legal, market, administrative, and other means to strengthen supervision. Municipal and county level governments were also urged to take responsibility in achieving these goals and implement the national and provincial policies, to ensure social harmony and stability.

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Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

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