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15 July 2015

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Macau Student Delegation Visits Hunan

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In Changsha, on August 7, CPC Hunan Provincial Standing Committee Member and CPC Hunan Provincial Committee United Front Work Department Director Huang Lanxiang met with the 35th Macau Student Delegation headed by Wu Zhiliang, president of the Administrative Committee of Macau Foundation.

Director Huang Lanxiang extended a warm welcome to the delegation and briefed them on the Hunan’s current economic and social development. "Recently, Hunan and Macao have deepened cooperation in economy and trade; science and technology; education; and, tourism. Macao is Hunan’s gateway to the outside world." said Huang, adding that Hunan is implementing an innovation-driven opening up development strategy. She hoped that Hunan would increase its opening up efforts with the help of Macao to have increased exchanges in economy, culture, and personnel. Huang expected delegation members to visit Hunan more often.

President Wu Zhiliang noted, “This field visit allows Macao youth to enjoy our magnificent mountains and rivers, and have a better understanding of Chinese culture and rapid development.

The 35th Macau Student Delegation was sponsored by the Macau Foundation, the Macau Daily News, and organized by the Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Macau Associação Académica Sol Matinal.

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