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15 July 2015

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Secretary Du Jiahao Inspects Poverty Alleviation Progress in Shaoyang

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CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary and Hunan Provincial Congress Standing Committee Director Du Jiahao inspected poverty alleviation work in Shaoyang City recently. CPC Hunan Provincial Standing Committee Member, Secretary General, and Vice Governor Xie Jianhui joined the inspection tour.


Secretary Du visits a village activity center to learn about progress in poverty alleviation.


Secretary Du reads the public notice board, located in the village center activity square, carefully. It promotes poverty alleviation projects.


At the village poverty alleviation archives, Du emphasizes that the pragmatic implementation of poverty alleviation measures at all levels is essential for comprehensive progress.


The Tangping tea-oil industry has targeted poverty alleviation at a demonstration project consisting of productive tea trees. Secretary Du praised the county’s efforts in poverty alleviation resulting from its development of a tea-oil industry. He remarked, “The previous ‘black industry’ of coal mining has been transformed into the present ‘green industry’ of tea-oil.” “This dual development path provides both economic, and ecological, benefits.” He added.

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