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15 July 2015

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5th China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Expo Opens

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The 5th China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Expo opens in Chenzhou on May 18, 2017.


Opening ceremony


Hunan Vice Governor Xiang Lili announces the opening of the Expo.


The Expo displays the world’s largest rubellite produced in Brazil. It is 80 cm in height, 30 cm in width, and 100 kg in weight.


A staff takes a photo for a crystal, called “King of Fluorite”.


A jade Buddha worshipped in Thailand’s imperial palace is on display.


A blue ball-shaped fluorite from Henan Province


The mineral crystals displayed


A natural chrysophoron

A missile-shaped blue-veins stone named “Peace Envoy”


The rice-looking mineral on display


The 5th China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Expo raised its curtain at Chenzhou International Convention Center on May 18. All kinds of rare stones and treasure gems are displaying until May 22.

Hunan Vice Governor Xiang Lili attended the opening ceremony.

Chenzhou is reputed as the “world’s non-ferrous Metal museum”, “Chinese non-ferrous metal city”, “a city of microlite”, “Chinese ornamental stone city”, and “capital of mineral crystals”. It produces 80% mineral crystals of China, and boasts largest gem reserves and production across the country and even the world.

The China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Expo was designated to be permanently held in this city since the fourth session.

The exhibition layout composed of one core, two parks, and three museums. The core is the main exhibition–Chenzhou International Convention Center; the two parks—an international mineral and gem cultural and industrial park, and a stone park; and, the three museums—the World’s Non-ferrous Metal Museum, the Shizhuyuan National Mine Museum, and the China Mineral and Gem Museum.

The main exhibition area covers 100,000 sqm. There are 2600 booths, categorized into mineral crystals; national treasure minerals and gems; jewelries and jades, and Hunan tourism resources; mineral fossils; Chinese mineral crystals and ornamental stones; natural science popularization; and, service area.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho Ms. Lebohang Ntsinyi, American astronaut Dr. Harrison Schmitt, Asia Dinosaur Association (ADA) honorary president Dr. Rinchen Barsbold addressed the ceremony.

Learning from the experiences collected from the former sessions and similar events held at home and abroad, the organizers laid more emphasis on openness and innovation this time. A wider range of exhibits will be shown, and more activities organized in multiple forms. Besides, some large events will be held, including an investment promotion and sister city agreement signing ceremony, an ADA academic forum, and an international summit forum.

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