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15 July 2015

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Sino-French Amity Museum at Montargis

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The Sino-French Amity Museum at Montargis has been open to the public since August 27, 2016. The photo above shows French women visiting the museum.


The Central Region is one of the most important regions of the 22 administrative regions of France. It is located in central France, bordering the Parisian Region on the north and the Loire River on the west. There are six provinces under its jurisdiction with a population of more than three million. Hunan and this region have had close exchanges in recent years. The Sino-French Amity Museum at Montargis is a highlight.

In 1988, Center Region Chairman Doussay came to Hunan and signed a “Protocol on the Establishment of Friendly and Cooperative Relations between Hunan Province and the Central Region”. In 1991, Hunan Governor Chen Bangzhu and a delegation visited the Central Region and signed the friendship agreement. When Hunan Governor Du Jiahao visited Montargis in 2014, he first learned about a Hunanese revolutionary youths’ apartment there and decided to purchase it and transformed it into a small museum. In 2016, the Museum of Sino-French Amity officially opened to the public, as a window to introducing Hunan to the world. “Patriotism, pursuing, striving, and friendship” are the themes which present the historic truths of the Chinese work study program in France during the 1920s, and commemorates the centennial Chinese-French amity.

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