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15 July 2015

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Hunan Art Performances Entertain the World

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The Hunan Department of Culture, on March 13, 2017, announced that more than 120 Hunan performers in 6 troupes staged 26 shows in 16 cities across the world, during the Spring Festival.


During the tour, Hunan art troupes visited South Korea, Thailand, France, Barbados, Grenada, Tunisia, and Taiwan. The tour was part of the “Happy Spring Festival 2017” program initiated by the Ministry of Culture.


More than half a million people watched the shows featuring Hunan culture. These performances promoted traditional Chinese culture and Hunanese culture to the world.


South Koreans applauded traditional Chinese music played on Chinese instruments such as Chinese lute, erhu (a two-stringed instrument played by a bow), Chinese zither, and bamboo flute.


Exhibitions of Xiang embroidery, dark tea, Meishan paper-cuttings, Huayao cross-stitchings were held across the country.


In Barbados and Grenada, acrobatic shows and martial arts performances were well received.


A Hunan puppet show shined at the Vendôme Puppet Festival in France.


In Kaohsiung, a Hunan cultural delegation performed Hunan folk music. A calligraphy exhibition in Taiwan also attracted many calligraphers.


Department Deputy Director Yan Fuchu said, “Spring Festival is China’s most important traditional holiday. It is a carrier of Chinese culture. An increasing number of foreigners hope to learn about Chinese culture and society while enjoying Spring Festival.”


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