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15 July 2015

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China's Domestically-built Shield Machine Enters European Market

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The DZ-397, a shield machine self-developed by the China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co. Ltd., was shipped to Changsha, Hunan, on July 3, reported. It will be used in the construction of subway tunnels in Moscow, capital of Russia, marking the first time China's domestically-built shield machine enters the European market.

The biggest difficulty in using shield machines in Russia is the cold environment. To solve that problem, the main drive was designed to handle temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius and an auxiliary heating system was added.

To better adapt to the harsh climate in Moscow, key components of the machine are made of materials resistant to low temperatures. Many of the components are specially designed.

The company has formulated a plan to guarantee that the equipment is delivered on time. In order to meet Russia's shipping requirements for imported equipment, the company designed a special delivery program that covers shipping tools, packaging materials, and measures for drainage and freeze prevention.

The company also developed a program to help with assembly once it is delivered.

As the company's first shield machine export to Russia, the equipment instructions are bilingual, in both Chinese and Russian, for the convenience and safety of operators.


Source: Xinhua