Hunan to Spend 3.2 Bln Protecting Dongting Lake

At the Hunan Provincial Government Executive Meeting held on July 2, it was announced that the Hunan Provincial Finance Department will earmark 3.2 billion CNY to protect and improve Dongting Lake. 
According to the Action Plan on Water Pollution Prevention and Control and Three-Year Action Plan for Dongting Lake Ecological Environment Improvement (2018-2020), the Hunan Provincial Finance Department will follow the general principles of “clarifying objectives and tasks, focusing on pollution treatment priorities, and strengthening job responsibility and performance appraisal, and substituting subsidies with rewards”. 
The funds will be used to support water pollution prevention and control in 25 counties (cities) such as Yueyang, Changde, Yiyang, and Datong Lake District, Quyuan Management District, 
West Dongting Management District, and West Lake Management District. 
Many major areas will be improved, including pollution prevention from agricultural non-point sources, urban and rural domestic, ships, and water source. Irrigation ditches and small reservoir siltation, schistosomiasis prevention, and wetland protection and restoration will also be addressed.
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Translator: Xiao Juan
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