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15 July 2015

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China to Promote More Regulated Legal System on Eco-protection

2018-09-19 Download Print Comment

The State Council released a circular on Sept 18 to further clarify and regulate the legal system for environmental protection by removing regulations or administrative documents not in line with the central government’s guidelines and related laws.

The move is targeted at regulations or documents on ecology and environmental protection released by above-county level local departments or by departments under the State Council.

According to the circular, the streamlining task should be conducted by corresponding government departments that formulated the regulations or documents. If the departments responsible for the regulations or documents are removed or adjusted, the work should be handed over to their successors.

In the meantime, related departments under the State Council should clarify the reasons for any removal or revision of regulations, and put forward specific suggestions or proposals on later updates.

The final results on such tasks should be reported to the State Council before Oct 15, and a copy be sent to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Justice. The two ministries are required to follow the work process to ensure smooth progress is achieved.