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15 July 2015


Hunan Financial Center Road Network Project Starts Construction

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The Hunan Financial Center is located in the core of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area. It will mainly develop regional industrial chain finance, based on its orientation and the “3+X+1+1” financial ecosystem. It will gradually grow into Changsha’s financial center.

There are now 230 banks, securities, insurance, and fund institutions located here, with a total of more 190 billion CNY under management. This should attract many enterprises and talents to relocate there.
It is planned that the Hunan Financial Center will manage traffic, transit traffic, and pedestrian traffic at different levels. The road surface and underground traffic systems are steadily advancing. The project’s 6 roads were Xijiang Road, Yinguan Road, No.8 Branch Road, Shuanghe Road, West Beijincheng Road, and East Beijincheng Road. Their completion will further improve the urban road system network . This will greatly ease increasing traffic pressure in the area. A three-dimensional traffic network, consisting of the roads in the project, the Metro Line 4, six cross-river passages, and the Xiangjiang waterway, will result in interconnection and intercommunication for the area and the neighborhoods.
On September 21, the Hunan Financial Center Road Network Construction Project began in Changsha. The total investment in six roads with a total length of 3015 meters will exceed 200 million CNY. Completion is expected in 2019.
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