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15 July 2015


More Than 20,000 Hunan Patent Applications in First Quarter

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Hunan accepted 21,403 patent applications and authorized 11,782 cases in the first quarter of 2018 which is an annual increase of 18.18% and 34.41%, respectively. There were 36,235 in-force patents issued. Invention patent applications per ten thousand population was 5.31 for the same period.


During the quarter there were 8,002, 10,009, and 3,392 applications for invention, utility model, and design patents, an annual increase of 10.62%, 32.99%, and 1.22%, respectively. There were 2,067, 7,162, and 2,553 cases authorized, an annual increase of 1.67%, 55.22%, and 20.48%. There were 80 patent agencies in Hunan as of the end of March.


These statistics were released by the Hunan Intellectual Property Bureau (HIPB) on April 23, 2018.


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