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15 July 2015


Riverine Farmland Reclaimed along Xiangjiang Will Protect Environment

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The 2017 Hunan River Chief Assessment and Acceptance Conference was held in Changsha on December 18. It announced that Hunan has returned 4631 mu (309 ha.) of farmland to forest and wetland in the Xiangjiang River basin in 2017.

The Hunan Provincial Forestry Department is assigned responsibility for a pilot project to return farmland to forest and wetland in 8 cities along the Xiangjiang River, and coordinate implementation plans for related work along the Zishui, Yuanshui, and Lishui rivers.

A provincial forestry department official said the restoration is primarily implemented along the main stream of Xiangjiang and its primary tributaries.

The current low-lying farmland will be transformed into an ecological barrier between polluters and Xiangjiang. Each year the barrier can purify 86.44 million cubic meters of agricultural nonpoint source pollution and rural domestic sewage. This equals the capacity of a large reservoir.

It is expected that the water quality can be upgraded to grade Ⅳ or even to grade Ⅲ after purification. As the farmland changes to forest and wetland, the project creates forests and wetlands providing relaxation and sightseeing areas.

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