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15 July 2015

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Communist Youth League Committee of Hunan Province

Add: 1 West Xiangfu Rd., Tianxin District, Changsha, Hunan Prov.410007

Tel: +86 731 88776716


Main Responsibilities:
The Communist Youth League of China is a mass organization of advanced youth led by the CPC, a school for the broad masses of youth to study communism in practice and an assistant and reserve of the CPC. It acts as a bridge and bond linking the Party and the youth masses, an important social pillar of the state power of the country. The Communist Youth League Committee of Hunan Province is under the leadership of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. The major tasks of the Communist Youth League Committee of Hunan Province are as follows:

1. To exercise leadership granted by the Hunan Provincial Communist Party over the Communist Youth League, Youth Federation, Students' Federation and Young Pioneers of Hunan Province; to guide and administer the provincial youth associations and organizations.

2. To participate in formulating development plans for the young people and guidelines and policies concerning the work of the young people; to plan and administer the construction of educational institutions concerning youth work, service organizations for young people and the publication of reading materials for young people.

3. To participate in formulating and implementing the laws and regulations concerning young people; to assist the Provincial Committee and the Provincial People's Government to handle and coordinate the affairs concerning young people's interests.

4. To investigate the ideological trend of the youth and working state of the youth; to study the youth movement, the theories of youth work and ideological education, put forward related solutions and develop various useful activities.

5. To assist the government education departments to administer the work of education in colleges, secondary schools and primary schools; to safeguard the stability of schools and the unity and stability of society.

6. To organize and lead youth to play a vital role in the force and commando of provincial economic construction.

7. To work together with the departments concerned to take charge of the foreign affairs of young people, exchanges with young people's organizations inside and outside the province; to unite and educate the unit front of the youth.

8. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People's government.