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15 July 2015

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Hunan Federation of Trade Unions

Add: 11 E. Minzhu St., Changsha, Hunan Prov. 410005

Tel: +86 731 84320183; +86 731 84317221; +86 731 84320157

Fax: +86 731 84320169



Main Responsibilities:

The Chinese trade unions are mass organizations of the Chinese working class led by the Communist Party of China and formed by the workers and staff members on a voluntary basis. They act as a bridge and bond linking the Party and the masses of the workers and staff members, an important social pillar of the state power of the country as well as the representative of the interests of trade union members and workers and staff members. The Federation of Trade Unions of Hunan Province, led by the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, is the leading body of all provincial trade union federations at different levels and all provincial organizations of industrial unions. The major functions of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions are as follows:


1. To guide the work of the trade unions in Hunan and study the theories and policies of the labour movement in accordance with the Party's line, principles and policies, the Party's central tasks in different periods and the Party's principles of labour movement and the principles and tasks set for trade union work by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.


2. To organize and guide trade unions at all levels of Hunan Province to perform the social functions of "Protection, Construction, Participation and Education "; to carry out and implement the resolutions of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and the Congress of Provincial Federation of Trade Unions; to carry out all professional work of the trade unions; to resolve relevant issues through negotiations with the parties concerned in accordance with the requirements of the trade union at grass-roots level and lower trade unions.


3. To investigate and study major issues concerning the interests of the workers and staff members; to report the feelings, wishes and demands of the masses of the workers and staff members to the Provincial Committee, Provincial People's Government and All-China Federation of Trade Unions, and make suggestions and proposals; to participate in formulating the relevant regulations, policies and measures concerning vital interests of the workers and staff members; to participate in drafting the relevant regulations.


4. To direct the trade unions at all levels of Hunan Province to develop and improve themselves; to supervise and inspect the implementation of the Constitution of the Chinese Trade Unions; to further improve democratic systems and organizational systems.


5. To consult with the municipal and prefectural committees and Party members' groups (or Party committees) of the relevant provincial immediate subordinate departments (bureaus) to recommend chief leadership candidates of the trade unions at municipal and prefectural level and the provincial industrial unions; to study and formulate management systems and training programmes of the trade union leaders; to be responsible for training the leaders of the trade unions of large enterprises and institutions and the unions above the county level.


6. To assist the Provincial People's Government to recommend national model workers and recommend and select provincial model workers; to be responsible for the management work of national model workers of Hunan and provincial model workers.


7. To manage, examine, audit the trade union funds; to study and formulate policies and regulations concerning the setting up and managing enterprises and institutions of trade unions; to guide and coordinate the development of the enterprises and institutions of trade unions; to plan, guide and manage the undertakings concerning recuperation and rehabilitation of workers.


8. To be responsible for the liaison work between the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and the Trade Unions in Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Taiwan region and trade union organizations in other countries.


9. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People's government.