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15 July 2015

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Writers' Association of Hunan

Add: 17 Building, Dongfeng 2nd Village, Shangdalong, Changsha, Hunan Prov.410008
Tel: +86 731 84514080


Main Responsibilities:


1. To organize the writers and literary workers in Hunan to study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Representatives"; to study the Party's principles and policies; to study the literary profession and scientific and cultural knowledge; to further improve the ideological professional qualification of literary workers.

2. To uphold the correct orientation of literary creation; to support, encourage and help writers to plunge into the thick of life, go among the masses and draw inspiration, so as to enrich creation.

3. To enhance the work of literary theory study and literary criticism; to promote and encourage different views and free discussion among different schools; to develop scientific literary criticism.

4. To identify and nurture newly emerging forces in literary creation, criticism, editorship, and translation; to strengthen the training of writers; to develop and expand the literary creation force in Hunan.

5. To guarantee the quality of newspapers, magazines and cultural industry administered by the Writers Association; to bring about the development of social benefits keeping pace with the development of economic benefits.

6. To uphold the banner of patriotism; to strengthen the connection and exchanges with Chinese writers both at home and abroad; to organize and recommend group members to participate in international literary activities in an active way; to further develop friendships with writers in other countries.

7. According to the Constitution and the relevant laws, to safeguard the democratic rights and legitimate interests of the members; to protect the legitimate rights and interests from infringement; to safeguard the members' freedom to be engaged in legitimate literary activities.

8. To strengthen the connection with all sectors of society; to make the cause of writers' welfare develop soundly; to set up awarding funds for literary creation; to establish relevant systems that are beneficial to writers' creation; to create a better environment and atmosphere for group members to take up literary creation and other kinds of literary activities.

9. To commend and award excellent achievement in literary creation and literary talents.