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15 July 2015

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Women's Federation of Hunan Province

Add: Bldg. 2, Hunan Provincial Govt Hall, 1 NorthShaoshan Rd., Changsha, Hunan Prov. 410011

Tel: +86 731 82217601

Fax: +86 731 82218575



Main Responsibilities:


1. In accordance with the Constitution of All-China Women's Federation and resolutions, decisions made by the Congress of Women's Federation, to guide the work of the Women's Federations at different levels in Hunan Province; to carry out the work of women and children; to contact group members and provide professional guidance to them.


2. To guide and promote women's activities such as "Learning and Competing Campaign" among rural women in Hunan, "Great Contributing Women" project among urban women and "Five Good Model Family" activities.


3. To educate and offer guidance to women to strengthen their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement; to publicize model women; to carry out discussions on female accomplishments; to implement the female quality enhancement project; to enable women to develop in all areas and to enhance their comprehensive competence.


4. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of women and children; to investigate and study the issues concerning women and children; to provide a basis for decision making of the Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government and make proper proposals; to mobilize women to participate in the democratic management and supervision of state and public affairs; to encourage women to participate in the deliberation and administration of state affairs and in the formulation of laws and regulations concerning women and children; to carry out and implement the Outline of the Program for Chinese Women's Development and the Outline of the Program for Chinese Children's Development issued by the State Council; to assist the Provincial Government in formulating the Program for the Development of Women in Hunan and the Program for the Development of Children in Hunan, and organize the implementation.


5. To strengthen the building of the rural and urban women organizations at the grass roots level; to extend the network of the organizations; to expand the coverage of the work.


6. To enhance friendly international exchanges; to introduce the projects of international financial support concerning women's skill training, girls' schooling, family education, reducing infant mortality rates, pregnant and lying-in women, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of women and children; to promote international and domestic economic cooperation.


7. To be responsible for the liaison work with women from all sections of society and all ethnic groups in China and the connection work with democratic parties, association of industry and commerce and other group members; to develop friendly relations with women and women's organizations in Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan region and overseas Chinese women; to promote China's reunification.


8. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People's Government.