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15 July 2015

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Hunan Economic and Information Technology Commission

Add: 467 Xinshao Rd., Tianxin Dist., Changsha, Hunan Prov. 410004

Tel: +86 731 88955310

Fax: +86 731 88955348



Hunan Provincial Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

Add: 238 Yingbin Rd., Changsha, Hunan Prov. 410011

Tel: +86 731 84666002

Fax: +86 731 84666007




Hunan Provincial Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and its main responsibilities are combined with the Hunan Economic and Information Technology Commission.


Main Responsibilities:

1.To develop relevant policies and measures with respect to promoting the industrialization of Hunan and taking a new path toward industrialization, and organize their implementation; to conduct general management, in conjunction with relevant departments, the provincial industrial economy; to direct, coordinate and serve industrial enterprises of different economic ownerships, sizes and types.


2.To develop and organize the implementation of short-term control targets, policies and measures for the industrial and communications operations; to monitor and analyze the economic operation trend of Hunan's industrial and communications sectors, solve conspicuous contradictions and problems in the operations, and propose policies and suggestions for economic operations in these sectors; to instruct enterprises to turn losses into gains.


3.To implement state industrial policies and, in conjunction with relevant departments, formulate local supporting policies to optimize industrial and product structures; to propose restructuring schemes for key industries and key products, supervise and inspect their implementation; to guide Hunan's industrial restructuring, and coordinate efforts in solving major problems in the implementation; to contact social intermediary agencies in the industrial sector.


4.To supervise and inspect the implementation of relevant economic laws and regulations; to organize the drafting of economic laws and regulations in the industrial and communications sectors, and regulate corporate behaviours; to coordinate efforts to ease the enterprises' burden and, in conjunction with relevant departments, maintain the stability of the enterprises across Hunan.


5.To organize the drafting of policies and measures to integrate production with science and technologies and to promote the technical development of enterprises, and supervise their implementation; to make, issue and implement plans and annual programmes for technical innovation, technology introduction and absorption, and the development and promotion of new technologies and products; to administer with relevant departments the special fund for financial technical innovation at the provincial level; to manage technical innovation projects to be examined and approved, verified and registered for file in the local departments, and organize the implementation; to investigate and plan the investment distribution of the competitive industries across Hunan, and publish the investment guidebook.


6.To implement state guidelines and policies on promoting the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), investigate and propose the provincial guidelines and policies to solve the major problems in the development of SMEs; to draft development strategies, mid-term and long-term development plans and annual programmes for SMEs, and supervise their implementation; to guide the reform of SMEs; to oversee the provincial development fund for SMEs; to guide the establishment of the credit guarantee system and service system for SMEs; to decide tentatively the projects and investment areas for the SMEs under the special government support, and assist their development; to direct the legal consulting services for SMEs.


7.To investigate and draft the planning of resources conservation and comprehensive utilization, participate in making the ecological construction plan, draft policies for resources conservation and comprehensive utilization, organize and coordinate the work of clean production in accordance with law; to coordinate and solve major problems in the ecological construction, and the conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources; to organize and balance the development of environmental protection industry and the protection of industrial environment.


8.To adopt a global approach in handling major problems in the economic operations concerning rail, road, aerial, waterway and postal communications; to regulate the crucial elements that ensure the economic operation, including coal, electricity, oil, transport and raw materials; to handle the vehicle dispatch and coordination of key enterprises, projects, materials and freight transport of foreign trade.


9.To administer the industrial management offices and Hunan Provincial Bureau of Coal Industry in the industrial and communications sectors, organize and direct various industrial management offices to draft industrial plans and regulations; to investigate and draft industrial plans and regulations for industries like electric power (including hydropower), medicine and pharmaceuticals, food, etc. and organize their implementation.


10.To handle the training of the economic management officials and corporate management officials in the provincial industrial and communications sectors.


11.To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People's government.