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15 July 2015

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Hunan GDP Increased by 7.8% Between Jan. and Oct.

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In the first three quarters, Hunan provincial regional GDP was 2.53 trillion CNY, calculated at comparable prices, a year-on-year increase of 7.8% and 0.3 points over the same period last year. The economic operation data was released by the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics on October 22, 2018.

Hunan’s economic operation was generally stable. The added value of primary, secondary, and tertiary industry grew by 3.1%, 6.7%, and 9.5% year on year respectively. The agricultural industry maintained stable development. The industrial production was running smoothly, and the industrial scale of provincial and above industrial parks grew fast. The effect of agglomeration development was further manifested. The service industry achieved rapid growth.
Both investment and consumption maintained a relatively fast growth rate of more than 10%; the open economy grew strongly, and the actually-utilized foreign and domestic capital increased significantly. The total import and export volume was up by 25.1% year on year.
The investment in high-tech industries in the province has accelerated:
-The emerging industries such as automobile manufacturing, computer communications, and other electronic equipment manufacturing industries have sufficient stamina; 
-The high-end manufacturing is in good shape: new products, including special equipment for environmental pollution prevention, electronic computer, semiconductor optoelectronic devices, and industrial robotics have grown rapidly; and,
- The high-tech service industry, strategic emerging service industry, and production service industry all achieved double-digit growth.
The provincial general public budget revenue increased by 6.3%, 0.4 percentage points faster than the first half of the year. The tax revenue was up by 17.2% year on year, and the proportion of non-tax revenue to local fiscal revenue continued to decline.
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