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15 July 2015

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Hunan Provincial Government Announces 64 Projects Valued 174 Bln CNY

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Sixty-four new projects have been announced for Hunan Province between January and June this year, with a total investment of 174 billion CNY. They include six projects worth of more than ten billion CNY each. They are projects of several powerful enterprises entitled “Three Categories of Top 500 Enterprises”.
“Three Categories of Top 500 Enterprises” projects refer to newly-built or added-to projects funded by “Fortune Global 500”, “Chinese Top 500”, or “Chinese Private Top 500” enterprises. Thirty-two projects were invested in by “Fortune Global 500” companies, 25 by the “Chinese Top 500”, and 7 by the “Chinese Private Top 500”. The largest one is the Shanshan Energy Production Base established by the Shanshan Corporation. It is located in Changsha’s High-Tech Development Zone and is an investment of 20 billion CNY with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of cathode materials.
Ten “Three Categories of Top 500 Enterprises” projects were added this June, with a total additional investment of 12.31 billion CNY. They include:
1. Smart city construction invested in by Huawei Investment & Holdings Co., Ltd. in Yiyang;
2. Realcan (Hunan) Medical Health Industrial Base by Realcan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Changsha’s Jinxia Development Zone;
3. Rainbow Shopping Mall by Rainbow Shopping Center Co., Ltd. in Lengshuitan; and,
4. The International Convention and Exhibition Center project invested in and built by Poly Group in Hengyang National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.
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