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15 July 2015

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Hunan Post and Telecommunication Services Surge in Q3

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On November 1, the Hunan Statistics Bureau announced that Hunan post and telecommunication services maintained rapid growth, with both monthly and accumulatively growth rates surpassing 30%. In the first three quarters, the turnover of post and telecommunication services totaled 73.243 billion yuan, up 45.4% over the same period last year. Of the total, the post business volume was 13.618 billion yuan, up 34.1%.

Except newspaper subscribing and parcel, some traditional postal delivery business show a downward trend, including letters, exchange, and magazine subscribing.

Express delivery service is booming, thanks to the rise of Internet Plus and e-commerce as well as complementarity between online and offline shopping.

Traditional telecom business is in a downturn, while mobile industry is poised for a good momentum of growth. With accelerated popularization of 4G networks, the mobile data communications service grows rapidly around Hunan, and the telecommunications industry presents a rapid development trend.

A decline is seen in fixed communications business. In the first three quarters, the number of fixed telephone subscribers in Hunan totaled 6.6851 million, down 11.1% year on year. Although the number of fixed broadband Internet users increased, the access time declined.

Mobile communications business saw accelerated growth. In the first three quarters, the number of mobile phone users in Hunan reached 55.6299 million, an increase of 15.2%. Mobile Internet applications are more frequently used.

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