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15 July 2015

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Hunan’s Imports and Exports with "Belt and Road" Countries Surge in Q3

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For the first three quarters this year, Hunan’s imports and exports with the “Belt and Road” countries amounted to 37.09 billion yuan, an increase of 45.8% over last year. The exports to nine countries, including Russia, Kuwait, Ukraine, and Hungary, grew by more than 100%. The Customs marked that, the national “Belt and Road” Initiative implementation gives a great impetus to Hunan’s import and export trade.


Hunan’s imports and exports with the “Belt and Road” countries have maintained stable growth since this January. The exports was 29.84 billion yuan, increasing by 45.05%; and, the imports was 7.25 billion yuan, increasing by 48.8%. The imports and exports with the ASEAN countries amounted to 16.71 billion yuan, nearly half of the total; that with Russia reached 3.13 billion yuan, increasing by 120%.


Hunan is highly complementary to the “Belt and Road” countries in industrial development, as they are urging for speeding up industrial upgrading and infrastructure construction. Along with the progress of the investment and economic cooperation between China and these countries, broader cooperation and new areas of trade growth are expected. Ever since the national “Belt and Road” Initiative, Hunan has enhanced transportation infrastructure connectivity with these countries, especially in railway and air transportation, and hence accelerated trade development. The Hunan-Europe Express Line connects 13 main cities along the Belt and Road route. For the first three quarters, the imported and exported cargos amounted to 107,000 tons, increasing by 200%. The import and export volume through the Line reached 3.58 billion yuan, increasing by 130%.

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