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15 July 2015

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Changsha North & South Trunk Lines Start Construction

The Changsha Xiangxing Transportation Construction and Management Co., Ltd. was founded on July 29, which marked the beginning of the north & south highways' construction in Changsha.

In recent years, Changsha has been planning to construct expressways in the north and south, building a transportation network of the great fourth ring road in the provincial capital. The construction feasibility study of these two roads now has been issued by professional institutes. As a main constructor of the project, Xiangxing is established by the Changsha Transportation Investment Holdings Group. The planned highway connects the main towns, industrial bases, characteristic zones and scenic spots in Changsha. The total length of the southern line is 253.5 km, which starts from Yuquan village of Wenjiashi Town in Liuyang (at the borders of Hunan and Jiangxi provinces) and ends in Dongtang village of Longtian Town in Ningxiang County (next to the Loudi City), passing 29 villages and towns of Liuyang District, Yuhua District, Tianxin District, Yuelu District, and Ningxiang County. The northern line begins in Daweishan Town and Baisha Township of Liuyang City, and ends in Huangcai Town of Ningxiang County, passing through 25 towns and counties of Liuyang City, Changsha County, Kaifu District, Wangcheng District, and Ningxiang County with a total length of 235.705 km.


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