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15 July 2015

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Comprehensive Development of Changsha Heimifeng Forest Park Tourism and Leisure Resort

Introduction: The project covers an area of 40,790,000 m2, with a land-use area of 8,000,000 m2. Its construction contents include: 1. Dongtianfu Mansion; orientated as "Dongtian Fairy Mountain and blessed mansion", Buddhist Experience Park, Fairy Taoist Rites, Heimi Sightseeing Park, Taoism Meditation Teahouse, Tranquil House, Auspicious Dongtian etc. 2. Xianmihu Leisure Resort; orientated as "leisure resort and tour sightseeing", Xianmihu Resort Center and Xianmihu Leisure Entertainment Center. 3. Xiaoxiang Tianchi Scenic Area; orientated as "enjoy Tianchi beauty and scientific entertainment", Xiaoxiang Tianchi, Bihe Road, Milu Park, Hydroelectric Culture Park. 4. Dongyang Low-carbon Living Camp; orientated as "low-carbon city and back to pleasure", happy farmhouse providing in-depth experience of splendid Xiaoxiang folk culture, organic agriculture participation, precision farming experience, creative agricultural base. 5. Health experience project;  orientated as "sports base and happy experience" , training base, outdoor activity experience, sports center. 


Benefit assessment: After the project is completed, it is expected to receive 300,000 tourists every year, increasing by 28% annually on average. There will be business revenue of 90 million Yuan, annual profit of 31 million Yuan and annual comprehensive income growth of 30%. 


Total investment: 109.38 million USD 


Cooperation mode: cooperation, joint venture 


Contact unit: Administration Office of Changsha Heimifeng National Forest Park  

Contact person: Wen Xia  

Contact information: +86015802509488